The purpose of the research function of our business is to provide knowledge, content and intelligence with the end result aimed at sensitizing on looming pitfalls, adjudge current innovative trends, monitor performance and overhauling an organisation`s processes for giving cutting edge competitiveness. We offer research services in each of the following Industry Sectors: Energy, Agriculture, Defence, Manufacturing Transportation, and Tourism. Depending with the nature of the research and the client`s requirements we have excess research consultants on call who work for Africlan on a part time basis. Africlan Business Solutions` Research, endeavours from time to time through its independent research to identify opportunities in the primary, secondary and tertiary markets for each sector. For any assistance on this please contact us on email Our research methods include:
Quantitative research
Qualitative research
The pragmatic approach (mixed methods)
Advocacy/participatory approach (emancipatory)

Our research offerings includes
Due diligence
Feasibility studies
General information survey
Community investment profiles
Analyses – SWOT, statistical, descriptive, etc


Because of our core business functions of frontier advisory, virtual business development, and third party marketing we constantly work with hedge funds, development institutions, private equity funds, institutional investors and multinationals expanding into Africa,- as we assist in identifying investment projects, joint venture partnerships, market entry points etc. Africlan has corollary been placed lucratively between the buy and sell side of finance and investments i.e. those looking for investment opportunities and those looking for investors to inject funds. We are constantly approached by private companies, funds, project managers, municipal councils and institutions looking to attract investments. We distinguish ourselves from the competition through our solid client-side experience where we are better placed to formulate strategy, develop strategic positioning, implement capital raising solutions and provide support throughout the process. Our services facilitate the introduction of managers to qualified institutional investors based on an informed understanding of interests, and our proprietary relationship management system allows us to keep abreast of general industry trends, capital flows and preferences. Africlan provides the complete set of services on attracting direct investments. This is performed through rigorous research and working together with the client’s project team and includes the followings stages:
Investment project evaluation
Business plan development for potential investor
Potential investor finding
Performing set of actions to increase investment attractiveness
Negotiation process support
Attracting investments design
Legal support on contract closure
Investments could be attracted from both financial investors (private equity funds, venture funds, investment companies, private investors), and companies as strategic investors.


Our Training and market report services has a growing network of clients across Africa, Asia and Europe; serviced from regional offices run by affiliate organisations. The research and development team work with - top thinkers and academics from industry, business schools and universities - to deliver a broad range of courses designed specifically to help private and public sector professionals enhance their skills, knowledge, ability and networks. Understanding our clients’ business needs is key to delivering cutting-edge courses


This service seeks to promote an understanding of the environment of business in Africa, pertaining to doing business and succeeding in Africa. We have consultants on call in every major economy in Africa who give advice, direction, managerial assistance, recruitment and other technical know how.


Business Rescue and Turnaround Specialists

In the execution of our services we initially have a free, confidential no obligation meeting with one of our experienced company turnaround specialists. We will give you a brief assessment of how we can help you. We will only take you on as a client if we feel we can make a difference to your business and materially help the situation. Often, by putting a proper financial plan in place and taking immediate action.

Virtual Business Optimisation speacialists.
Similar to capital introduction, third party marketers set up all investor meetings, conference calls, and road shows.

Develop low capital base businesses
There are no geographic limitations to the businesses that are spawned by us. We customize marketing and operational strategies to fit any part of Africa where the aspiring entrepreneur is doing business. We have helped many backyard operations to establish and be recognised. This we have achieved through a mix of services which include registration of the enterprise at the company’s registration office (or CIPRO if in South Africa), aggressive marketing, business skills training for the entrepreneur, securing of funding and so on.


Drafting of agreements namely, Lease, Sale, Purchase, Shareholders, Joint venture etc
Business plans
Marketing plan
Business feasibility
Turnaround plan
Web based marketing
Branding and design
Market communications plan


Third party marketing is a type of consulting service we offer to mutual & hedge funds. We help funds and investment managers raise their assets under management by introducing them to new investors.

Channel or geographically specific marketing efforts
Creation of marketing materials including a full PowerPoint presentation
Assistance in developing a standard RFP
Representation at industry social events, conferences and private dinner parties
Advice on how to best move forward within a diverse range of capital raising channels
Public Relations & Media consultation as needed Third party marketing. We leverage our industry knowledge, contacts, and marketing and sales acumen on behalf of our clients, which are drawn from: Global institutional investors, both large and small, including pensions, endowments, foundations, insurance companies, family offices, consultants and funds of funds.