Africa’s leading organiser of summits, conferences, forums, workshops, symposiums, round-tables and seminars for corporations, institutional investors, development agencies, entire sectors, regulators and Policymakers. Our events are well attended and acclaimed because of their hallmark for networking and deal negotiations, notwithstanding the specialist content, expert presentations by thought leaders and industry professionals, apprising of new trends and forecasts, Q&A platforms and the resultant refining of ideas. Some of our events are executed for whole sectors, countries, industries and regional blocks in this regard we often are behind the scenes directing a flawless platform that rivals the UN general assembly. The science of events management is something we have mastered overtime and our senior managers have a combined experience of 22years in planning and execution of events, brand building, marketing and communication. For an event to be successful it needs creativity, technical and logistical knowhow particularly when it comes to event design, script writing, logistics, budgeting, negotiation, marketing and client service. Our midas-touch lies in our ability to zoom in on target audiences, devising event concept, planning the logistics and coordinating post event analysis all this is done in order to give value for money to our patrons. Bespoke events. We leverage on our experience to create tailor-made events designed around the business objectives of a specific client need.